Chronic fatigue and Anxiety

I had been having a difficult time with chronic fatigue and anxiety. Jackie was a very easy person to be with and although not quite knowing what to expect I soon began to look forward to her visits. I found that I could relax and take her words on board without any effort. I soon realised that I was using the therapy in my daily routine which helped enormously. I only wish I had known about it before.

Positive Thinking

My son was seriously ill last summer and I was anxious about his poor health and how he was going to manage in the future to the point where I couldn’t sleep. Consumed with worry I had to put on a brave face and continue my busy work schedule as well as being there for my family and friends. My business needed to expand but I didn’t feel I could cope with such a big move forward. I was trying to juggle lots of areas of my life but struggling to keep all the balls in the air.

On Jackie’s first visit I was able to relax for the first time since his illness began. I fell asleep on many visits but always finished the sessions feeling positive and optimistic that I could make small steps to keep on going. Each night I was able to fall asleep to Jackie’s calming voice and started sleeping for longer which helped enormously. I began to find solutions to the challenges I faced and, although I cannot control my son’s health I began to see that there are ways to cope with and improve difficult situations. With Jackie’s help I was able to support my son, opened a new branch of my business and I have improved my ability to look after myself too.

I have suffered with an irrational fear of heights including escalators since childhood. I Since undergoing hypnotherapy this no longer holds me back. Thanks to Jackie I was able to travel up the Eiffel Tower which is an amazing result. Not only that I flown on a plane without fear and am roving around the underground up and down the escalators with relative ease.

I would recommend Solution focused hypnotherapy to anyone as it has changed my life for the better. It helps you to rethink your worries and approach them in a calm and logical way rather than being led by your emotions. Jackie has a fabulous manner. I felt safe with her support and can’t thank her enough for opening the way to a brighter future.

Aichmophobia (fear of needles/injections)

Before Jackie started the treatment she asked me what my fears were and I said my two worst (spiders and needles), after helping with spiders she helped with needles. I had had some bad experiences with injections and blood tests etc. I used to have my arm forced down so they could do it! However using the same treatment she did with spiders she helped me with Aichmophobia. I don’t shudder at the thought of needles anymore and feel confident about injections. Jackie has really helped.

Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)

I had a very strong fear of spiders, my mum is friends with Jackie and she explained her hypnotherapy course. I hadn’t heard of it before but wanted something to calm my fear down! Jackie gave me this super relaxing CD which I listened to every night. It makes you sleepy and before you know it your head hits the pillow! On the CD Jackie talks you through different scenes, which I was surprised to find had nothing to do with spiders, you may fall asleep but your subconscious mind is aware of the CD.

After several weeks of listening to the CD Jackie talks to you about how you want to feel about your fear and you tell her your experiences and how you want to cope. The hypnotherapy process has really helped to reduce my phobia and now I can calmly call for my parents to pick up a spider without crying! I can ignore the spindly critters as long as there’s not too many and call for help, even now I am persevering and my aim is to be able to pick one up in a cup.

Recovering from Cancer

On 13th September 2014 I was plunged into the darkest place of my life after being diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian/primary peritoneal cancer. After emergency surgery I was offered a treatment plan of chemotherapy followed by major surgery and finally more chemotherapy. I was devastated and full of fear at having to face my own mortality. Within a few weeks I realised I needed help to regain as much control of my life as possible. This is the point where I called Jackie. Within 48 hours Jackie was at my house for the initial consultation. During the consultation she spoke with me about how the brain works. Words like Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, hippocampus, hypothalamus and stress bucket all make sense to me now. At the end of the consultation Jackie left me with a relaxation CD…. it’s brilliant! Her voice is like liquid gold running through your thoughts. Within 10 minutes I was floating in a rainbow of colours.

The many sessions that followed were more personal to me and Jackie got my personality spot on. She understood my fears, helped me to identify and dispel the negative thoughts and helped me focus on the logical side of my brain. She prepared me for the impending major surgery by teaching me how to remove the mental scars of the previous emergency surgery.

I am now 10 weeks post surgery and almost at the end of the second cycle of chemotherapy. I feel much more in control of my life, am focused on regaining full health, and no longer living in fear. There are times when I feel the need to listen to the CD Jackie gave me…. it’s fantastic for promoting quality REM sleep and preparing for a positive, focused tomorrow.

A few weeks ago I was thinking of ways I could thank Jackie for her help. Flowers are lovely but just didn’t seem enough. This is the perfect way to thank Jackie from the bottom of my heart for her incredible skill, dedication and commitment to solution focused hypnotherapy. I would highly recommend her services to anyone experiencing problems that affect their daily lives. Embrace what Jackie does, let her work her magic….the outcome is unbelievably positive. Finally I would like to say to Jackie…. I will be eternally grateful to you for your help in getting me where I am today…. THANK YOU.